Caroline Sias | PHILOSOPHY
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It is my highest intent to return you to a place of deep tranquility and joy, your natural state as a human being. From this place of balance, you will be able to walk back into the world as your grounded, re-energized true Self. It is our choice in every moment to be good, kind and gentle with ourselves, to see ourselves as divine beings deserving of Love. Our bodies, physical, mental and emotional, all respond to Love. When we quiet our thoughts, we begin to release self judgement and move into the joy vibration that is all around us in the form of prana or life energy (Yogis have tapped into this for centuries). As we retrain our thoughts and stop being so hard on our Selves, our physical bodies can regenerate their structures in a new and healthier way.


I am your conduit for this amazing process. I use proven therapeutic techniques and sound to heal ailments and pain in conjunction with energy work to still the thoughts in order to release the physical, mental and emotional pieces. The human journey is one of learning to balance our inner male and inner female, or in simplest terms, our reasoning/structure with our feeling/intuition. Journey beyond the known.

how to prepare

Some good things to keep in mind before a session.  Please do not eat at least one hour before your appointment. Do not wear any perfume or scents. Please do not drink alcohol or take any drugs before your appointment. Any anti-inflammatory like Advil or Tylenol should not be taken within four hours of your appointment.


If you are using insurance make sure you bring your insurance card with you, my intake forms if you have them and your prescription from your doctor, Chiropractor or Acupuncturist including the treatment codes and number of massages you will be receiving.